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Pravasa Chiranjeevi Organization

Salt Lake City welcomes Chiru Pravasa Vaaradhi

 Pravasa Chiranjeevi Organization organized the ninth "PRAVASA VAARADHI" event in Salt Lake City , UT on Saturday August 9, 2008, in support of Dr. Chiranjeevi's entry into politics. Jagannadha Raju Pusapati, Convener of the event addressing the audience mentioned that today's youth and general public are looking towards Dr. Chiranjeevi for a proper moral guidance in shaping a better tomorrow for Andhra Pradesh. Balaji Sudabattula co-convener of the event addressed on current education system, health care, corruption, effective utilization of the natural resources and self sustainability including poor farmers not being able to repay the loans leading to suicides.

Narasaiah Vadranam, President of Pravasa Chiranjeevi Organization addressed the gathering via tele-conference explaining the ideology and goals behind Chiranjeevi's party and the reasons to support the party. He also congratulated the conveners Raju Pusapati, Rama Samineni, Balaji Sudabattula, Dr. Krishna Parsawar, Guru Bandiatmakur and Dr. Hariprasad Vankayalapati for their active participation in the event. Later the attendees were entertained by local talent with some good songs and dances from Chiru movies. In the end Tagore movie was played.

Pravasa Chiranjeevi Organization Vice President Mr. Srinivasa Manapragada, South West Regional Vice President Shekhar Seera, Northwest Regional Vice President Kalyan Palla, Mid West Regional Vice President Srinivas Lottala, Mid Central Regional Vice President Raghuveer Bandi, Southeast Regional Vice President Mr. Siva Kondapalli, Advisors Mr. Krishnamurthy Podipireddy and Siva Kumar and Public Relations in Charge Srikanth Palivela congratulated and thanked the audience and friends who were involved in making this "PRAVASA VAARADHI" event a grand success.

Pravasa Chiranjeevi Organization is organizing a special flight for prominent NRI supporters and well wishers of Dr. Chiranjeevi Political party to leave from USA to Hyderabad on August 16th. Please visit www.pravasachiranjeevi.org for more details.

Photos can be seen at below link: