Pawan Kalyan Arrested

Government is grabbing away lands of Bheem Rao Vaada in Hyderabad that was given to the poor and needy people illegally, Pavan Kalyan head of Yuvarajyam gone there to console people who are residents over there and to give them confidence that P R P is along with them in thick and thin.



Pawan is New President of "Yuva Rajyam"

Now, it is official. Younger brother Pawan Kalyan is going to be No. 2 in Praja Rajyam party. He is all set to become the president of "Yuva Rajyam," the youth wing of PRP.

Though Pawan Kalyan has been indirectly controlling the party affairs, there were doubts over his exact role in the party.


Chiru's "lunch with Dalits" a success

Praja Rajyam party Chiranjeevi's idea of having community lunch with Dalits in Medak district has turned out to be a master stroke.

Though taking lunch or dinner with people is not a new idea, Chiranjeevi's decision has given him the much needed credibility and strengthened his "social justice" agenda. He not only sat among Dalit women for lunch, but also served them food and got their blessings.



Kosari vaddinchina Chiranjeevi