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Pravasa Chiranjeevi Organization

Chiru Train in Los Angles

Pravasa Chiranjeevi Organization has organized "PRAVASA VAARADHI" event on June 28 2008, which attracted huge response from varied NRI's in and around LA. People spanning from different spheres have congregated to declare their solidarity to CHIRANJEEVI'S leadership and anonymously voiced their support for the emergence of new leadership which should be the harbinger of change and heralding new direction to sordid state of political affairs, which have been the bane of people in ANDHRA PRADESH.

Speaking on the occasion different guests have highlighted the various achievements of DR CHIRANJEEVI in social life and highlighted his spotless character and personality in a span of three decades of public life. They also highlighted the need for him to don the role of politician who can bring up the required refreshing change, fulfilling the broader milieu of population's aspirations and serve the interests of the public in an unbiased and nonpartisan manner working for the welfare and uplift of the downtrodden and the neglected sectors of the population. They also urged him to pay caution to the dubious ways of provocation by the self served politicians who are on prowl and acting in hand and glove to the ruling regime, determined to defame and belittle his personality.

Mr. Vadranam Narasaiah, President of the Pravasa Chiranjeevi Organization speaking on this occasion shared his experiences in the NRI MAHAYATRA from Tirupati to Srikakulam and expressed need for change in political perception, ensuring the basic facilities in rural areas and protection for common man.

General Secretary Shekhar Seera expressed that Corruption free Andhra Pradesh will be the main agenda of Dr.Chiranjeevi. Satya Gattem delivered the welcome note and Thota Chakravarthy delivered the thanking note and appreciated Gooty, Vishal, Deva, Ajay and Arun who have taken an enthusiastic role in the event. He also thanked Chakra Cuisine for providing lunch for the event. Pravasa Chiranjeevi Organization Vice President Mr. Manapragada Srinivas, Northwest Regional Vice President Kalyan Palla, Mid West Regional Vice President Mr. Srinivas Lottala, Southwest Regional Vice President Mr. Siva Kondapalli, Women's Secretary Samatha Tummala, Advisor Mr. Siva Kumar Arza and Public Relations In Charge Srikanth Palivela congratulated the efforts and support of all those involved in making this "PRAVASA VAARADHI" a grand success.

Our fifth "Pravasa Vaaradhi" meet will be in Chicago on July 13th, Atlanta July 20th, Detroit July 26th, Toronto Canada July 27th and London August 2nd . For more information about the "PRAVASA VAARADHI" events, please visit www.pravasachiranjeevi.org

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