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Pravasa Chiranjeevi Organization

Chiru Train on Pravasa Vaaradhi in New Jersey

Pravasa Chiranjeevi Organization -"Pravasa Vaaradhi" our third International SPARC Meet held on 8th June 2008 at Royal Albert Hall - Fords, New Jersey was a grand success. Eminent Doctors Educationalists, Attorneys, US Indian Journalists, Social Workers, Software Engineers attended and showered their support in welcoming Padma Bhushan Dr. Chiranjeevi into the political arena.

Meeting started with brief note and introduction of Pravasa Chiranjeevi Organization and the recent events conducted in various parts of US and recent NRI Maha Yatra from Tirupathi to Srikakulam in support of Dr. Chiranjeevi welcoming him to Politics.

"Pravasa Chiranjeevi Organization" is the official endorsed organization by panel members in Chiranjeevi's Camp in India , having conducted various events.

The main goal of this organization is to conduct the events in support of Dr. Chiranjeevi in having the said local Chiranjeevi organizations in every part of the World, getting these organizations into one umbrella called "PRAVASA VAARADHI". There are many organizations coming with the events in support of Dr. Chiranjeevi, Pravasa Chiranjeevi Organization will be supporting every event conducted abroad and will support any organization who is working towards the main goal looking Dr Chiranjeevi as our next leader of Andhra Pradesh without any self agendas", says Srinivas Manapragada- Vice President and Official Spokesman.

Speaking on the occasion on Tele conference call Mega Brother Mr. Nagendra Babu congratulating the efforts of Pravasa Chiranjeevi Organization, spoke very emotionally about the poverty and down trodden needy issues in tribal areas in Andhra Pradesh which he has seen personally and requested NRIs to come forward in development activities for their Mother land. Answering questions from NRIs, he emphasized honest participation and chances for new faces will emerge in politics and equal opportunity will be given to every community under the leadership of Dr. Chiranjeevi, once party is announced, and said time will decide which party will join hands with Dr. Chiranjeevi towards the corruption free government.

Adding to this Mr. Satya Vasamsetty, talked about the need of education in remote and rural villages focusing the issues faced by the weaker sections communities and insisted Dr. Chiranjeevi to come with a clear manifesto and selecting right candidacy to represent such needy communities. He asked the gathering, what have you done to your mother land? And requested "We as NRIs should always strive in contributing for the development of Andhra Pradesh, not forgetting our roots" Speaking, Mr. Ranga Arvapalli, lauded Dr. Chiranjeevi's charitable works and his stance to create a Change in the present so called Political System. He said "Pravasa Chiranjeevi Organization will be always acting as a catalyst and extend the valuable support of NRIs to Dr. Chiranjeevi", and requested to announce party name soon.

Mr. Raghuveer Bandi, Mr. Laxman, Mr. Chenchu Naidu Educationalist an NRI from Rajahmundry, Scientist Mr. Ravi Bhaskar created a force and enthusiasm in his speech coming with and new abbreviation to "AAA" -Anti Corruption, Anti Caste and Association and suggested Dr. Chiranjeevi to look on these issues, speakers Pavan Davala, Satish Chirravuri -Boston, Kasi Kalinadi, Praveen, Sravan, Durga Rao, Rama Krishna-Edison, Venkat Kodata spoke on various Socio-Economic, Health, Education Issues and gave their suggestions.

On the Tele-Conference, Mr. Narasaiah Vadranam-President Pravasa Chiranjeevi Organization gave the confidence and assured the gathering that all these voices will be addressed personally to Dr. Chiranjeevi. General Secretary Mr. Shekhar Seera, Northwest Regional Vice President Kalyan Palla, Mid West Regional Vice President Mr. Srinivas Lottala, Southwest Regional Vice President Mr. Siva Kondapalli, Women's Secretary Samatha Tummala and Public Relations In Charge Srikanth Palivela, Advisor Siva Kumar Arza congratulated the efforts New Jersey NRIs "Pravasa Varadhulu" for their support and hard work in making this "PRAVASA VAARADHI" Third International SPARC Meet a grand success.

Our next International SPARC meets will be in Los Angles CA on Saturday, June 28th 2008, Toronto, Canada on July 5th 2008, Chicago,IL on July 13th 2008, Atlanta GA on July 20th followed by London UK and Queensbury, Australia.

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