San Diego, CA Meet

As part of its national campaign "Change & Hope with Chiranjeevi", Pro Telugu Org (PTO) organized its 11th event in San Diego on 02/09/08.

Arun Bevera (San Diego Area Co-Ordinator) and Gopichand Nakkala (San Diego Student Co-ordinator) welcomed the audience and started themeeting.

Shekhar Seera (Southwest Regional Vice President, PTO) conveyed the "CHANGE & HOPE With Chiranjeevi" message to the audience and urged the need of the third alternative in AP with Chiranjeevi as the leader. He stressed on the active particapation and support of the youth to Chiranjeevi's new political party.

Several speakers including Ramoji, Babu, Srinivas, Vijay, Bhaskar and others expressed their ideas on how the new party could change the state of AP and India and promised their support to the new party for Better Andhra Pradesh.

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