Houston Meet

Progressive Telugu Org( PTO),USA has organized one more event in Houston, Texas on 16th December ( Sunday) as part of its national campaign to bring Hope & Change in current political system in AP with the leadership of Chiranjeevi.

PTO National convener Ram Tatineni conveyed the "Hope for AP with Chiranjeevi" message to audience who agreed instantaneously.

Houston PTO convener Mr Ravi Sukkala convened the meeting comprising of many Houston area telugu families and prominent community activists and started the discussion.

Highlight of Houston meeting is the participation of telugu women and their willingness to discuss their ideas what Chiranjeevi's new party can do to AP.

Ladies strongly communicated the need for change in AP and advised Chiranjeevi to be very cautious in accepting the politicians from other parties with charges of corruption/crime.

Houston telugu community leader Mr.Subramanyam shared his ideas of what a new party should consider before joining main stream and expressed hope that Chiranjeevi would bring much needed change in AP politics.

All the attendees agreed on the following topics and expressed their confidence in leadership of Chiranjeevi to bring hope for AP.
  1. Chiranjeevi should consider Corruption-Free-AP as the central theme of the new party
  2. Chiranjeevi's new party should consider collaboration with Lok Satta as the later has lot of knowledge and expertise on creating a better governance.
  3. New party should make all efforts to create "CIVIC Society" where all the citizens are treaded equally before law and guilty are punished without bias.
  4. Primary education both in public/private sectors should be given top priority to reform/change and should be made a vehicle to launch a corruption free society by teaching the students from beginning the values of CIVIC Society.
  5. Law and order should be maintained with the highest level of professionalism so that everyone who tries to commit any crime should think twice before do it including corruption.

Participants include Ravi Alluri, Venu Reddy, Ramesh Nannapaneni, Mahadev Kambhampati, Suresh Daggupati, Swamy Irranki, Sailesh Vangarpu, Vijay Kumar, Ravi Varre, Vinod Jamburi, Ashok Kumar, Kalyan Uppu, Veera Kota and many others.

Woman participants include SatyaRupa Kota, Naga Vani, Kalyani Vankadaru, Supriya, Urmila Bathini and others.

Photos of the event can be viewed with this link below.


We are expecting more women and families turnout in our next meetings in Washington DC and New Jersey on next Saturday and Sunday.

Progressive Telugu Org(PTO) Houston Metro Convenor Mr Ravi Sukku addressing the meeting. PTO National Convenor Ram Tatineni addressing the Chiranjeevi Well-Wishers and families. Houston area telugu community leader Mr Subramanyam holding discussions
Families attend the meet Ramesh Nannapaneni, Mahadev and others Holding Discussion Mrs SayaRupa expresses her opinion
Group Discussions Group Photo Group Photo
Group Photo Group Photo