Dallas Meet

On Saturday 15th December, Progressive Telugu Org organized a Chiranjeevi Well Wishers & Intellectuals meet in Dallas, Texas as part of its nationwide meeting series with the intention of promoting Chiranjeevi's new(possible) political party.

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The response the meet was great and many local telugu people from different cross-sections of society attended and extended their solidarity to Chiranjeevi for the new political party.

Ram Tatineni, Convener of Progressive Telugu Org and www.chiruforap.com convened the meeting and started with introductory words focusing the need of the day for whole telugu society to have a leadership of Chiranjeevi and opened discussion.

Noted cardiologist and social activist  Dr Srinivas Reddy Gunukula explained the significance of Chiranjeevi's social service like Blood bank. He explained the importance of blood in the medical terminology and how it helps save lives of people in need.

Well known Dallas Indian  community activist Mr Sanjay Anand explained the necessity for the whole AP state to have a clean and charismatic leadership of  Chiranjeevi.

Many Chiranjeevi well-wishers like  Madhu Jetti, Ravi Maddi, Rama Krishna, KC Chekury, Srini Ravula, Raj Bangarukathi, Srihari Pallay, Gangadhar, Prasad Dasari, Uma Mahesh, Ravi Chikka, Babu, Balki  participated in the discussion and suggested that Chiranjeevi Should enter the politics and server the state and country by establishing a corruption free administration.

Also, all the participants urged Chiranjeevi to consider carefully before accepting any of the current politicians with not-so-good history into the new party. This is to ensure that new party will stay clean and could focus on it's own priorities than carrying the ideology and practices of long time politicians from other parties.

Overall, all the participants expressed confidence in the leadership of Chiranjeevi with a hope of clean and progressive politics in AP and India.

Ram Tatineni addressing the gathering Gathering
Noted Cardialogist, Srinivas Reddy Gunukula addressing the audience Chiranjeevi Well-Wishers