Chicago Meet

As part of its national campaign of " Change & Hope with Chiranjeevi" , Pro Telugu Org( PTO) organized its 7th event in Detroit,Michigan on 01/05/08.

PTO Detroit Metro Area Co-ordinator Suresh Somisetty welcomed the audience.

Ram Tatineni, Nataional Convener of PTO started the meeting and conveyed the "Change & Hope With Chiranjeevi" message to the audience and explained need of the day for the state of AP to have an alternate political party with leadership of Chiranjeevi .

Many participants expressed their opinion about giving opportunity to youth in the new party and expressed hope that Chiranjeevi would encourage more youth to join politics by providing them the right opportunities.
Several local area activists and Chiranjeevi Well-Wishers participated in the discussion and expressed their opinion on wide variety of topics including the need for the new party, policies of new party, how to avoid corrupt/criminal political leaders from other parties to new party.

Speakers included Rao Siddam, Srinivas , Anand,Venkat Pasala,Ganesh Alla,Sidharath Anneboina and others.

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PTO is organizing one more events in Atlnata,Georgia n 01/19 as part of national campaign USA.

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