Columbus Meet

As part of International Campaign of “Change & Hope With Chiranjeevi", Pro Telugu Org( PTO) has conducted its 15th event in Columbus, OH co-ordinators Saibaba Korada and Surya Gundubogula welcomed the audience and started the meeting.

Ram Tatineni (PTO Founder) conveyed the "CHANGE & HOPE With Chiranjeevi" message to the audience and explained the historical need for the state of AP to have a new political party with Chiranjeevi's leadership for better AP and India.

Suresh Somisetty (PTO North Regional Vice President) conveyed the Message that new Chiru Political Party will up lift the poor and economical backward communities.

Several speakers including Ravi Kotti, Ravi Samineni, Jitendra and several others expressed their confidence with Chiranjeevi and how the new party with Chiranjeevi could help state of AP and India.

Narasaiah Vadranam (PTO President) have conveyed the message message to the audience and explained why we should believe in new Chiru Political Party.

Finally, Ms. Kavitha thanked the audience for their participation despite the busy weekend schedule and applauded the efforts of the various volunteers and also for PTO conducting this event.

Photos of this event can viewed at

Chiranjeevi Well Wishers Meeting Gallery