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Pravasa Chiranjeevi Organization

Pravasa Vaaradhi for Support of Dr. Chiranjeevi at Chicago

Pravasa Chiranjeevi Organization has organized the fifth "PRAVASA VAARADHI" event in Chicago on July 13th 2008, which attracted huge response from varied NRIs in and around Chicago . Mega Brother Mr. Naga Babu addressing the huge crowd via Tele conference appreciated the support of NRIs and emphasized the women's role in social service. On the occasion of party name, he mentioned it will be closer to what Chiru fans and normal people are all about and the party will be for the benefit of people. When asked about rumors and negativity in opposition parties, he said lets not worry responding to baseless rumors instead use the time productively for social welfare.

Talking about youth, he mentioned "Mr. Pawan Kalyan will lead youth efforts".

Speaking on the occasion Honorable Chief guest Ms Alekhya Punjala wife of Dr. Vinay Kumar said that Dr. Chiranjeevi has great ideas to change the state, but we all should join our hands and stand behind him who can deliver the promise. She also encouraged youth to participate in social welfare and exercise the right to vote which can bring in a change.

Mr. Vadranam Narasaiah, President of the Pravasa Chiranjeevi Organization shared his experiences in the NRI MAHAYATRA from Tirupathi to Srikakulam and expressed need for change in political perception, ensuring the basic facilities in rural areas and protection for common man.

Mid West Regional Vice President Mr. Srinivas Lottala on this occasion mentioned there is lot of response from all NRIs and encouraged people to share ideas so that they can be communicated back to Dr. Chiranjeevi’s panel. Event convener Ms. Rajani Akurati said that as every vote counts and NRIs should call back home to motivate friends and family to support Mr. Chiranjeevi. Actor Mr. Ravi Verma mentioned most of the youth are inspired by Chiranjeevi and everyone wants to be like him as he stood as role model for lot of people. Several speakers including Mr. Pavan Dasam, Mr. Madhu Vengala, and Mr. ATPKV. Rao expressed that the party should integrate all communities in the state and work for poor people to increase the standard of living, literacy rate, infrastructure and better healthcare system.

Pravasa Chiranjeevi Organization Vice President Mr. Srinivasa Manapragada, South West Regional Vice President Shekhar Seera, Northwest Regional Vice President Kalyan Palla, Southwest Regional Vice President Mr. Siva Kondapalli, Mid Central Regional Vice President Mr. Raghu Veer Bhandi, Advisors Mr. Siva Kumar Arza and Mr. Krishnamurthy Podipireddy and Public Relations In Charge Srikanth Palivela congratulated and thanked the guests and volunteers Mr. Kishor Pula, Mr. Suresh Mandala, Mr. Nagendra Thangella, Mr. Venkat and friends who involved in making this "PRAVASA VAARADHI" a grand success.

Our sixth "Pravasa Vaaradhi" meet will be in Atlanta July 20th 2008 followed by Detroit on July 26th, Toronto July 27th and London on August 2nd. For more information about the "PRAVASA VAARADHI" events, please visit www.pravasachiranjeevi.org

Photos of the event can been seen at below link: